How to keep my Bookmarks in Sync?

At last I found time to install the latest version of the major browsers (Firefox 2.0, IE 7.0 and Opera 9.02). I know I am missing Safari but I am on PC and am not talking about MAC here.

Well you may ask me why all three, but being a web developer you need to test your web pages not in your favorite browser alone but in all browsers (in major browsers at least)

Firefox was my favorite browser for at least a year now and have been using only that for my browsing. I have all my bookmarks in that. But after seeing IE 7 I have decided to use it as well. (Ok Yuvi, I could see a spark in your eyes. 😉 ) But now the real question is where should I store my bookmarks? I am not yet ready to dump Firefox totally so I need to share my bookmarks across both of them.

So right now I have two problems with my bookmarks:

First, I need a solution so that I can share my bookmarks with IE and Firefox (and with Opera if possible). Let me be clear here, I specifically don’t want to use a web based (social) book marking service like What I need is a simple solution/software which runs in my local system and syncs my bookmarks with the different browser.

Second, once I find a solution to sync my bookmarks in my personal computer I then need to keep it sync with my work computer (Am I expecting too much?). I need something like Google Browser Sync, but I will be happy if I could store them in my own server instead of their servers.

So guys if you have a solution / suggestion / software to my above two problems then do let me know. I am still googling and if I come up with a solution I will share it here.

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  • Yuvi says:

    Memory? Extremely Portable…

    Or better still, write one:P

    Though I use IE7 mainly as a RSS Reader rather than as a WebBrowser. My Webrowsing pattern is almost like this:

    1st 15 days of month: IE7, coz I’m too lazy to switch back to FF after readin RSS
    last 15 days of month: FF, ‘coz I need to be in no-images mode to save bandwidth:D

    Anyway, good to see some competition for FF, and I really hate the new modal restore session dialog box in ff…

  • Sudar says:


    Do you really hate the restore last session feature?

    I think it is a must have feature and I really love it. May be bcoz I don’t have a UPS. 😉


  • Yuvi says:

    No, I don’t hate the feature, I just hate the modal dialog box that comes up almost every time I start Firefox up…

  • Sudar says:


    Well, if I am not wrong I think you can disable it in the settings.


  • Yuvi says:

    Can’t find it. And maybe, I might’ve even found a bug: The background color of the Advanced Tab doesn’t sync with the bg color of the theme..

    But, no, I can’t find that..

  • Aswin Anand says:

    Opera has been my main browser and will continue to be so 😉 IE7 is pretty good too.

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