iAndroidRemote – Control your Android phone using Apple Remote

Long time readers of my blog, would know that I hack around Arduino. Couple of days ago, I was playing around with Arduino while listening to music from my Android phone. I wanted to increase the volume of the song that was playing.

At that moment an idea struck me and I thought it would be cool if I can control the volume using some kind of remote. I opened my bag and found an old Apple remote.

Couple of hours later, I was continuing hacking around Arduino, listening to music from my Android phone, but now if I had to change the volume or change the track, I don’t have to reach for my phone, I can do it using my Apple remote itself πŸ˜‰


If you want to know more about how I did it, or want to try it out yourself, then head over to the project page, where I describe the entire process including the schematics and the source code for both Arduino and Android that I am using.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. Happy hacking πŸ˜‰

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