Changed the permalink structure of my blog

Well, after wanting to do it for many years, I have finally bitten the bullet and have changed the permalink structure of the posts in my blog.

When I moved from blogspot to WordPress, (some 6 years ago) I retained the structure of the blog posts to the usual year/month/date/postname format. But later, I realized that this results in long urls and also these days the date is not adding any additional information to the blog posts.

I have been thinking of changing the permalink structure to the shorter /postname format for quite some time now, but was always worried about setting up the proper 301 redirects.

But at last I did it today, with just one line in my .htaccess file, which looks something like this.

So if you are planning to change your permalink structure then follow these steps.

  • Disable caching. (If you using Plugins like wp-super-cache etc.)
  • Add the above line to your .htaccess file
  • Change the permalink structure
  • Re enable cache

And you are done. 🙂

If you want you can also create a new sitemap.xml file which could speed up the index update by Google.

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