Developing Android Apps – Part 2 – Week one – My notes

This week, I was not able to attend the full class due to time constraint, since I returned from a vacation on Tuesday. So my notes will not be as detailed as it used to be. I will try to provide detailed notes next week.

Getting authenticated with oAuth

So basically this week, Tony explained how to setup oAuth authentication, so that we can use the Twitter API without explicitly asking for password from the users.

In order to set it up, we have to first register for an app from Twitter. You can follow the screencast at the end of last week’s notes to do that.


The next step is to include the Twitter4J jar. You can download it from the project homepage and then you have to copy it to the /lib directory of your android project. If you are using windows, then you can follow the steps given in this forum post to add Twitter4J to your android project.

Source code

You can access the source code for this week’s class from the official github repository.

See you all next week with detailed notes 🙂

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