Developing Android Apps – Part 2 – Overview – My notes

As I mentioned before, Creative tech is conducting part 2 of the Developing Android App class. Like Part 1, I am planning to post my notes here so that it would be helpful for others too.


This week, we had the Overview session by Tony (the presenter). The training started off with a brief explanation of the concepts that were covered in Part 1. Tony then explained briefly about Twitter and the explained what are the things that will be covered in the next 5 classes.

The following is the schedule for the next 5 weeks.

Week one

  • Getting Authenticated with Twitter
  • oAuth
  • Twitter4J
  • Webview and webview Client

Week two

  • Advanced ListView
  • List headers and footers
  • Concurrent Programming with Threads
  • Handlers

Week Three

  • Tweeting from App
  • Creating menus
  • Using AsynTask to run many Concurrent tasks
  • Posting tweets

Week Four

  • Adding style to the App
  • Themes
  • Styles
  • Selectors and XML Graphics
  • Designing for multiple screen dimensions

Week Five

  • Posting photos from the app
  • Getting photos from the library
  • Getting photos from the Camera
  • Posting photos with twitpic4J


The homework for this week is to register an application and get authentication keys to use oAuth with Twitter. This has to be done before the next week class so that you can use to try next week’s code.

Tony has created the following screencast which explains the process of registering your application with Twitter.

There are lot of really interesting things lined up and I am very excited about this course. See you next week 🙂

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