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Recently I was playing with some auto posting WordPress Plugin in my test server and it quickly filled up a particular category with posts. I then wanted to bulk-delete the posts belonging to a single category. But I could find any WordPress Plugin to bulk-delete posts based on category or tag. So I created one. 馃檪

So guys I am releasing a new Plugin called Bulk Delete, which you can use to delete posts based on category or tag. I have also added abilities to delete all drafts, all post revisions or all pages.


The following is the screenshot of the admin interface.


Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin Screenshot


You can download the Plugin for my WordPress Plugin page.


Please note that there is no way to retrieve the posts once they are deleted. So be very careful while using this Plugin and also note that you cannot hold me responsible for any damages done. 馃檪

Update: If you are just looking for a Plugin to move the posts from one category to anothe in bulk, rather than deleting them, then check out my Bulk Move Plugin instead.

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