BuddyPress for Single user WordPress installs – Confirmed

Well, the rumours are confirmed now. BuddyPress is going to be available for single user WordPress installs, later this year. The news has been confirmed by Andy Peatling, the lead developer behind BuddyPress, whom Automattic (the parent company behind WordPress) recruited to build BuddyPress.

So here is the tweet by Andy Peatling confirming the news

This tweet was in reply to the following tweet

It’s really very good news that BuddyPress is going to be available for single user WordPress installs, because when compared with WordPress MU, single-use WP is easy to install and maintain. Also this will surely increase the adoption rate of BuddyPress.

Also BuddyPress is getting stable and the 1.0 version might be released on Feb 12th 2009.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what the heck is BuddyPress, then let me explain. It is a set of WordPress MU Plugins which will convert a plain WordPress MU install into a social network platform. You can get more information about BuddyPress at it’s about page.

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  • Teijo says:


    I really would like to try Buddypress for WP (single user).
    I don’t know how long I can wait and are thinking of trying another social network plugin. So, I have 2 questions;

    1/ Does anyone know of another plugin similar to Buddypress?
    2/ If creating friends on this other platform, is it then later possible to import these friends into Buddypress?

    I really appreciate your advice here as I’m not a pro on this.

    Cheers -:)

    • Sudar says:


      WordPress and WordPress MU are going to be integrated into a single build, somewhere down the line. I guess this might happen when WordPress 3.0 is released.

      Regarding to your questions, here are your answeres

      1) I am not sure if there is an alternative to BuddyPress with all these features.
      2) I guess it might be difficult to import them later.

      Guess, I cleared the doubts that you had.

  • Teijo says:

    Thanks for your answers Sudar,

    Has anyone heard long we have to wait for Buddypress being available for WP? Allready in February the rumor was out that this would happen later this year. Any more news now 4 months later?

    Even if Buddypress seems to be exactly what I’m after then I have to evaluate other applications. Does anyone know of any social network pluginsto WP which are stable?

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