Adding retweet buttons for WordPress posts

One of the recent trends in the blogsphere is to display the retweet or “tweet this” button on your pages together with the number of times they were retweeted. There are lots of ways and services to do it and each of them have their own pros and cons.

Recently John Resig released a pure JavaScript solution for adding retweet buttons to your pages. It uses JavaScript API, has no dependencies and is totally unobtrusive.

Like my previous Geo Mark WordPress Plugin, I converted his excellent JavaScript solution into a WordPress Plugin called Easy Retweet, so that it can be used in WordPress without making many changes to the theme.

Plugin Usage

You can download the Plugin from the Plugin’s home page. There are two ways you can add the retweet button, the automatic way and the manual way.

Automatic way

Install the Plugin and choose the type and position of the button from the Plugin’s settings page.

Easy Retweet WordPress Plugni settings

Manual way

If you want more control over the way the button should be positioned, then you can manually call the button using the following code.

if (function_exists('easy_retweet_button')) {
	echo easy_retweet_button();


Try out the Plugin and let me know your thoughts. The Plugin is still in the early stages of development and I will add more features based on the feedback.

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