The following are some of the Android related projects that I have created or worked upon.

Feel free to use them and do let me know if you have any feedback.


FeedStats is an Android app that allows you to get the stats of a feedburner feed url and shows the data in a graphical format. I created this app to demonstrate how we can draw graphs in android using JavaScript in a HTML page and then embedding it inside a webview. Read More >>


Asimi is a bot based on Arduino, which I created to experiment with robotics and different ways to connect to external interfaces from Arduino. Asimi can also be controlled using an Android phone. Read More >>


iAndroidRemote is a combination of Arduino and Android, which allows you to control an Android phone using an Apple Remote. Read more >>


WorkoutTracker is an android app, which helps you to track your workouts. The collected data is displayed both as a list and also as a graph.

I created this app to track my work out schedule. Read More >>

Adjust Volume

Adjust Volume is an android app, which I developed to explain how to interact with the Audio Manager of Android. Read More >>

My blog posts about Android

In addition to the above projects, I also write about Android in my blog. The following are some of the recent articles about Android which I have written in my blog. Do check them out as well.

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  • Anonymous says:

    could you please suggest some good resources to learn android app development..

  • devang says:

    i saw your slides on transfer data through audio port, you gave some useful information, libraries; at last you just write ‘demo’ but no if you can provide demo, that will be good; thank in advance.

  • abhishek keshri says:

    Kindly share the code for data over voice in android. Its really very interestiong tutorial.
    Please send me on my email id-

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