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Hack 101 at IIT Kanpur for HackU

I am currently in IIT – Kanpur to conduct Yahoo! HackU (Hackday for University), as I am part of the Tech crew that is conducting the event. This is similar to my previous HackU events.

During the event, I gave a talk titled “Hack 101″, which basically explains what is an hack, what is HackU and how to participate etc.


You can view the slide that I used for my talk in my slideshare account. While you are at it, you can also checkout some of my other talks.

I have also embedded it below for easy reference.

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Hacking 101 at IIT Bombay for HackU

Yahoo is currently conducting HackU (Hackday for university) at IIT – Bombay and I was part of the Technical crew that is conducting the event, similar to the previous HackU.

During the event, I gave a talk titled Hacking 101, basically explaining what is a Hack, how to participate etc.


You can view the slides that I used for my talk in my slideshare account. I have also embedded it below for easy reference.

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Yahoo HackU at IIT-Kanpur

This past weekend, Yahoo conducted HackU (Hackday for university) at IIT – Kanpur and I was part of the Technical crew that conducted the event.

In the event, I talked about Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) and thought of sharing the slides here so that it could be useful for others as well.

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Hardware hacking in Yahoo Open hackday

The annual Yahoo Open Hack day is back and this year it is going to happen on 30th and 31st of July.

This hackday is special for me, for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I am going to see my idol Douglas Crockford in person :) He is one of the reasons why I started loving JavaScript and I am really excited about meeting him in person and to listen to his talk.

Update: Here are the photos

Me and Doug

Me and Doug

And the second reason is that, we are going to have hardware hacks during the event. Yes you read it right :) This time we are planning to have tech talks about hardware and let people do hardware hacks as well.

Regular readers of my blog would know that I hack around hardware (especially Arduino) as a hobby and you could understand my excitement.

I am also going to give a talk on Arduino and Android ADK and will be demoing some of the hacks which I have created using them.

If this hasn’t convinced you, then there is more. Yahoo is also going to sponsor 50% price for the hardware that you need for hacking. Yes, you read it right again. ;) We have arranged this offer with 9 Circuits.  Head over to the Open hackday wiki to get more details about it.

See you guys at Open Hack day next weekend.


My Slides

More information

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Slides from my talk at HackU about YAP

This past weekend, Yahoo conducted HackU (Hackday for university) at IIT – Bombay and I was part of the Technical crew that conducted the event.

In the event, I talked about Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) and thought of sharing the slides here so that it could be useful for others as well.

For the talk, I also created two sample YAP applications. You can find their complete source code at my github page.

Update: You can also read the official blog at YDN about the event.

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One year at Yahoo

On June 15th I completed one year at Yahoo and Bangalore.

I sat around to write about my life in the past one year and then I read about Derek’s experience.

Now, all you need to do is to replace *Sunnyvale* with *Bangalore, *Yahoo Hack Day 2008* with *Yahoo Hack Day 2009* and *Kansas City* with *Chennai* in this post and you will get my story ;)

Thanks to everyone at Yahoo for making this past one year as one of my best years and also for Derek for saving a couple of keystrokes for me. :)

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US through my eyes

Finally after 3 weeks of stay in Sunnyvale CA, I am back in India. :)

Whomever I met after my visit, asked me the same question. How was my experience out there? So instead of explaining to each of them separately, I am going to point this blog post to them.

I am not going to get into the cultural/lifestyle or economical aspect at all, instead I am going to just describe the subtle things which you will notice in your everyday life.

Right hand driving

The first thing that got my attention after getting down at SFO airport is that people drive in the right side of the road. Even though I know about it before, it took me quite some time to get used to it (especially while taking turns)

No metric system

The second thing which I noticed was that the metric system (km, kg, litre, Celsius etc) is not used. Instead they use the British system (miles, pounds, gallons, Fahrenheit etc). I was always trying to do the conversion internally when doing calculations.

No ground floor in elevators

This one was a real surprise. After landing in my hotel, I realized that the elevators don’t have ground floor. So the ground floor becomes first floor and the first floor becomes second floor. Luckily I went in the elevator the first time instead of taking the steps. Otherwise I would have reached 4th floor instead of 3rd floor. :)

More automation

I was not sure whether it was because of shortage of manual labour or for cost-cutting. Most of the places like shops, petrol (okay okay gas) stations, super markets etc were automated. Vending machines have replaced manual labour in all these places.

Access for everyone

This one was really a good thing. In almost all places, there were separate accessible paths/doors for disabled people. Every parking lot had separate places for disabled people.

On the whole, experienced a lot of new things in my 3 weeks stay and have taken some tons of photos. Keep an eye on my flickr page; I will be uploading them soon after doing some post processing.

PS: Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010.

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Travelling to US

Well guys, got an quick update for you all.

I am leaving to Sunnyvale CA tomorrow morning for a business trip and will be back just before Christmas. Since it is a business trip, I would be busy during the weekdays and should be free only during the weekends. I haven’t made any plans for the weekends yet, but let’s see how things turn out to be.

This is my first international travel and I am pretty excited about it. Got any tips for the first time traveller? :)

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Joining Yahoo

Well guys, got some good news for you all. I am joining Yahoo Research, Bangalore next week.

I am relocating to Bangalore and may not be available online for a couple of days, so if you have sent an email, you may have to wait for some more time for reply.

This is the first time in my entire life, I am leaving the comfort of my home and Chennai, so a little nervous about it. But I guess everything should be fine once I get settled there.

So Bangalore, here I come ;)

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Notes for “DOM is a mess” by John Resig

I just finished viewing John Resig’s talk titled “DOM is a mess” at Yahoo. I took some notes while watching the video and I am posting them here, so that I can refer to them at a later point of time (It is easier to search when it is not on paper :) ). Also it might help someone to get the outline of the talk before actually watching the video. The original video runs for more than an hour.

Also be warned that the following is my own interpretation of the video and I might have missed or could have interpreted some point differently. :)

About the speaker, John Resig

As you all know John Resig is the creator of the excellent jQuery library. He works for Mozilla corporation and you can get more information about him from his blog.

DOM is a mess

This is the first thing John Resig said about DOM methods after saying that DOM is a messy

Nearly every DOM method is broken in some way, in some browser.

The following are some of the bugs in the DOM methods

getElementByID ()

IE and Old versions of Opera return elements whose name == id

getElementByTagName ()

.length gets overwritten in IE if an element with an ID = “length” is found

getElementsByClassName ()

Opera doesn’t match a second specified class

querySelectorAll ()

Safari 3.2 can’t match uppercase characters in quirks mode.

So the moral is that almost every method in DOM is messed up.

Writing Cross-browser code

Find out the cost/benefit ratio for supporting a browser and then pick the browsers you are going to support before writing your code.

He talked about Yahoo’s graded support and jQuery browser Support.

Escaping from DOM’s mess

The following are some of the tips to escape from DOM’s mess.

  • Having a good test suite is not a facility but a requirement.
  • Don’t introduce global variables or extend native objects.
  • The order in which style sheets are included matters.
  • Don’t use browser sniffing, but use Object detection or feature simulation instead.
  • Don’t assume a browser will always have a bug. They might get fixed in a future release.
  • Gracefully degrade for old browsers
  • As your code matures, the number of assumptions should reduce.
  • While removing elements from DOM, clean it by unbinding the events


So my dear readers what you think about my notes. Also let me know if you like notes for videos in this format. If there is a demand, then I can post some of my notes on other videos which I have already viewed.

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