If you wanna thank me..

If you have find any of the code that wrote (be it a WordPress Plugin, an Android app, an Arduino hack or one of my numerous pet projects) useful or like it and wanted to thank you, here are a few suggestions.

  • Write a blog post about it, so that other people can find it.
  • If it is a WordPress Plugin or an Android app, give it a good rating.
  • Fork it on github and send me a pull request.
  • Spread the word in Twitter. You can also follow me.
  • Translate my work in your language, so that more people can find it useful.
  • Buy me some books for my kindle. You can browse my Amazon wishlist to find out books I like.
  • Support my hobby by helping me buy stuff from my sparkfun wishlist or SeeedStudio wishlist or buy me a gift certificate from sparkfun or Adafruit.
  • Or just write to me an email. Nothing motivates me than reading about how my code has helped people.

Thank you.

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