Year End Stats for 2008

Well guys, I just realized that I didn’t publish my year end stats for 2008, like how I did for 2007. So without much dealy (just after two months 😉 ), here is my year end stats for 2008.

Number of posts


When number of posts is concerned, you could see that when compared with 2007, I have improved. Thanks to the pledge that I took in 2008, the number of posts has increased. This is one area where I should improve a lot more. So guys expect more mosts in 2009 😉

Number of comments


When compared with 2007, the number of comments has increased slightly. It was 220 in 2007 and in 2008 it is 267. But it does not include the comments I get in Twitter or FriendFeed. (I should find some way to include them too). I should also start engaging the readers more. So my dear readers, start talking more and you could make me happy 😉

Average number of characters in posts


For the past three years I am pretty much consistent in the length of my blog posts, which is around 2000 characters per post. This suits the style of my posts and I guess I will stick with this for 2009 too.

Total number of characters in posts


This represents the total number of characters that I have typed in this blog(except those removed by backspace 😉 ). Compared with 2007, I have typed more. If I succeed in my aim to write more posts in 2009, with still keeping the average length consistent, then in 2009 I will type more. Let’s see what I achieve at the end of 2009. 🙂

And this sums up my year end stats for 2008. In a nutshell, I want to

  • Write more posts
  • Engage users more
  • Keep the average lenght of posts consistent.

Let’s see how I keep it up in 2009. 🙂

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  • Devakishor says:

    Impressive data, I should learn and start posting regularly on my blog too.

    I have downloaded your plugin hoping that seeing some data will motivate me to post regularly.

    Btw if you can include stats like visits, pageviews, etc in your WP year end stats plugin, that would be really good.

    • Sudar says:


      Nice to know that you like my Plugin and thanks for the suggestions.

      I will try to add the features that you suggested in the next version of the Plugin.

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