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Yesterday Thomas Hawk posted a message in FriendFeed saying that he is going to drop his blog from FriendFeed account and then going to manually share items, since FriendFeed posts blog posts without images.

There were lot of comments for that message and some felt that removing the blog from FriendFeed profile could result in identity loss.

I looked into FriendFeed API and found it to be very powerful and easy to use. So, using it I have created a WordPress Plugin, which will automatically post a message to your FriendFeed account with all the images in the post, every time you publish a new post in WordPress.

You can download the Plugin file from my Plugin page and then upload it to your wp-contents directory. Once activated, you have to enter your nickname and remote key in the settings page. You can get the remote key from FriendFeed API page.

Please note that currently it is only in the beta stage right now. I am planning to add more features to this Plugin, so if you have a nice feature in mind, let me know and I will try to implement it. Also let me know if you are facing any issues/bugs with the Plugin.

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