WordPress 2.5 is out

The wait is finally over. 🙂 The most waited version of WordPress, Version 2.5 is out. WordPress 2.5 was in the making for nearly 6 months now and it has lot of new features and most importantly, changes to the admin screen. You can also view the screencast discussing the new admin pages from the WordPress development blog.

I am going to update my installation now and this blog might appear clunky while I am doing that. I have installed WordPress using svn so it is just a single shell command for me to update. Thanks to Joost, I converted my installation into a svn installation when WordPress 2.2.2 was released.

By the way this will be my last post using the old admin screens, I will post my experience with the new admin screens in a couple of days. Meanwhile if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, then I highly recommend you to update to WordPress 2.5. Happy upgrading 😉

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  • I think wordpress 2.5 still have some bugs, the development team is working on the issues and 2.6 will be released soon.

    What’s your inputs on the current bugs? Should users wait till the time 2.6 is out?

  • Sudar says:

    Yes even I do agree that there are some bugs in WordPress 2.5, but when compared the new features these bugs are very few.

    I would highly recommend you to update to WordPress 2.5 if your WordPress blog is not a highly mission critical production system. Most of the WordPress installations are just personal blogs and so I don’t see there could be any problem in updating them.

  • I have already upgraded to wordpress 2.5 however there are a few custom features that are not working so I have disabled those for the moment.

    I agree with you, its much more easier and looks great.

  • phreakaholic says:

    still more comfort using 2.3.2 🙂

  • Sudar says:

    @phreakaholic ,

    I would highly recommend you to upgrade. WordPress 2.3.2 has a security hole which was fixed in WordPress 2.3.3

  • abdul says:

    Still wp 2.5 is best when compared to latest released……….

  • Sudar says:


    Do you have any specific reason to say that WordPress 2.5 is the best? I feel that WordPress 2.5.1 is the one to go for since it has lot of bug fixes.

    But I would be happy to hear your view too. 🙂

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