Why no AJAX?

I was viewing the score for the cricket match between India and England from Yahoo! India Cricket portal. The problem being a web programmer is that you always tend to look at each web page from the development perspective and something grabbed my attention. The web page was refreshing every 60 seconds to get the latest score and a new request/response is generated every time. (Ok so have you got what I was thinking about?) Why are they not using AJAX to refresh the scores rather than refreshing the whole page every time?

The web developer inside me got out and I immediately checked the other sites which are also offering the cricket scores. I checked Sify and Rediff. Even they are not using AJAX and are refreshing the whole page every time. But the refreshing interval was different. Here is the refreshing interval which I got by looking at their META tag.

Rediff 480 seconds
Yahoo India 60 seconds
Sify 60 seconds

The obvious advantage in using the AJAX approach (XMLHTTP) is that the amount of data that is going to get transferred from the server is going to be less and it’s going to save the bandwidth by leaps and bounds.

I would be really happy if any one from either Sify or Rediff or Yahoo! India reads this and just gives a thought about it. And do any of you guys know how to get the raw data about the scores and the license requirement (if available). I am thinking of giving it a try and build a POC (Proof of Concept) app, if the data is available.

Oops!, by the time I could compose this post, the match has been stopped due to rain 🙁

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  • Bhasker Kode says:

    I felt Rediff actaully uses a primitive form of ajax/(advanced form of js 😉 ) in their mail box that enables to see previews of the mails, and attachments . well for an indian portal to keep synch this fast, i think its quite commendable . Im still waiting for indian based web 2.0 though . Cheers to that !

    Keep Clicking,

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Bhasker,

    Even I am waiting for an Indian based web 2.0 killer app.

  • Bhasker Kode says:

    he he … well that seemed inspiration enough 😉 heres a nifty tool i made TODAY for my forums after spending a long and tiring ,but satisfying day with javascript . you can chekc it out at :


    Keep CLicking,

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