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How to send email in WordPress using Gmail’s SMTP server

Well this question was asked to me for more than a couple of times now. So I thought of documenting it here, instead of answering them individually. 🙂

Long time readers of my blog would know that I use Google App for email. Ever since I moved to Linode for hosting, I stopped running a mail daemon in my server, and instead choose to use Gmail’s SMTP server for sending email.

There were two reasons for it. First most email providers ignore or mark as spam, emails sent from non-SMTP servers. Second, removing mail daemon from server will save some resources and will increase the over all performance of my server.

Using SMTP in WordPress

For WordPress there is an excellent Plugin called WP Mail SMTP, which can be used to send email through Google’s SMTP servers.

Download and install the Plugin and in the settings page you have to set the following options.

  • SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP Port: 465
  • Encryption: Use SSL encryption
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Username: Your full Gmail address or Google App email
  • Password: your account password

You can also checkout the following screenshot for reference.

using gmail smtp in WordPress

I am also working on a Plugin to log all emails sent by WordPress. Expect it to be released soon 🙂 (Update: The Plugin to log all emails is ready. It is called Email Log and you can download it from the Plugins page.)

Update (Oct 2012)

I just realized that these days Google has added additional security for logging in using other clients. If your email is not sent properly after giving correct password, then refer to instructions at Gmail help to fix it.

Also if you have enabled two factor authentication, then refer to this Gmail support page.

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Moved to Linode for hosting

Long time readers of my blog will know that I moved to Slicehost around 15 months back. I was pretty happy with their service, but now I have left them and have moved all my sites to Linodelinode_logo_gray

Both Slicehost and Linode are good but when compared with Linode, Slicehost was slightly costlier. I realized it after reading the comparison done by David. I bought an account in Linode for testing and was quite happy with it. But I was lazy to move all my sites, since it involved some work.

The recent announcement by Linode to give 33% additional disk space wooed me enough and I gave in. 🙂

Now I am getting some additional features with Linode but for less cost. 😉

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