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Integrated Akismet with my About page

With my recent re-design I added the new about page, where my users can ask me questions. Instead of getting questions from users I started to get spam from spam bots and I had to manually clear them every night. Last week I was so frustrated that I thought of even taking it down.

But then I realized that I had faced the same problem some time back and immediately Akismet came to my mind. I quickly went to the website to looked at the API and thought of integrating it with my about page script.

I was about to build a wrapper for the APIs, but something with in me made me to use Google and within few moments I found that it was already done by Andrew and Paul. I downloaded the code integrated it with my script and within a few minutes my about page became immune to spam. Wow! Now I could go to bed 10 minutes earlier everyday thanks to Akismet.

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