Log every email send through WordPress

As promised, I have created a new Plugin called Email Log which will log every email that is being sent through WordPress. This Plugin will be very useful, while debugging issues related to email and will also let you to find out whether any spammer is abusing your WordPress installation. This Plugin is also MU compatible and can be used in WordPress MU installations also.


Viewing logged emails

The logged emails will be stored in a separate table and can be viewed from the admin interface. While viewing the logs, the emails can be filtered or sorted based on the date, to address, subject etc.

Deleting logged emails

In the admin interface, all the logged emails can be delete in bulk or can also be selectively deleted based on date, to address, subject.

Cleaning up db on uninstall

As recommended by Ozh, the Plugin has uninstall hook which will clean up the database when the Plugin is uninstalled.


The following screenshot shows how the logged emails will be displayed


This screenshot shows how the email logs could be filtered or sorted.


This one shows how the email logs could be deleted.



You can download the Plugin from the Plugin’s home page.


As usual try out the Plugin and do let me know if you have any feedback, queries or comments.

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