How best Linux compared with windows

I got this as an email forward from my friend the other day and I was not able to control my laugh for a couple of minutes. Hope even you enjoy it.

Long long ago, soo long ago, no one knows how long ago there was a classroom and the following is a dialogue between her and her students.

Ok so the stage is set and here it goes..

Question 1:

Teacher: What is 5 ^ 2? ( ^ stands for ‘raised to the power’ )

Windows said:

Windows Calculator

Linux: Huh! That’s too easy! Are you insulting me? Here’s the answer. Now ask more difficult ones.

Unix Shell

Question 2

Teacher: What is 123 ^ 123 ?

Windows said:

Windows Calculator

Teacher: Windows? What is this e+257 crap? Who asked you to express the result in an exponential form? I want the complete result, accurate up to the last unit’s place.

Windows: Sorry Madam! I don’t know how to calculate so accurately.

Teacher: Linux! Can you answer it the way I want?

Linux: Sure Ma’am! Have a look at my answer.

Unix Shell

Question 3

Teacher: Calculate 12345 ^ 12345 ?

Windows said:

Windows Calculator

Teacher: You are calling my question invalid? Ridiculous!! You should rather be saying, “Sorry! This is too much for me to calculate. I can’t do such huge computations.” Linux, I hope you won’t let me down.

Linux: Certainly not ma’am! You give me anything to do! I will always give you the answer and that too the way you want, correct up to the unit’s place. 🙂 Here’s my answer.

(The output was too big to capture in one screen shot! The output had to be redirected to a file. Then it was copied from there and pasted here. You can also get that file, if you want)

Ma’am the length of this result is seven hundred and forty lines (740 lines!!!) and I have calculated all the fifty thousand, five hundred ten digits (50510 digits!!!) accurately.

Teacher: Mind blowing Linux! Very well done! You’ll do great in your life. Windows, you might earn a lot of money in your life but you’ll never earn respect. You might find your way to every home and children might love to play games on you, but computer scientists and hackers would stay away from you. They would choose Linux instead. You’ll only manage to become an idiot-friendly operating system but never a useful operating system.

By the way, I tried to find out the original author but couldn’t find him. If you are the original author and if you have any license issue then do contact me.

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  • Richard says:

    Thank you. I know a Linux/Math geek who’ll love this.

    PS Maybe he was the author.

  • kuriharu says:

    Wow, Linux IS better than Windows! I can use ‘bc’ instead of a GUI based calculator! And it acurately depicts numbers that I’ll never need to calculate! Let me reformat my hard drive now!

  • Shadow says:

    Yes, you CAN use bc instead of a GUI based calculator but you don’t have to, just cause you don’t understand something doesn’t mean you have to act like a retard.

  • kuriharu says:

    Oh, I understand it. But I guess not having the desire to calculate 123 to the 123rd power makes me a retard? Interesting logic.

    My point was that I’m not going to get people to switch from Windows to Linux because the calculator is better. I mean, big whoop.

  • frederick xor says:


    By retard, Shadow meant jackass. It’s just a silly article; it’s not trying to convince anyone to switch to Linux. You don’t have to get your panties in a bunch because this article isn’t pro Windows.

  • ffd says:

    haha he is a jackass if he believes that, this is just a funny article. If you were to see the GUI version of bc then you’d switch haha.

  • kuriharu says:

    If anyone got their panties in a bunch, it was Shadow. I injected one line of sarcasm, and he took it too far.

    I’m not “pro-WIndows”, I’m “pro-computing”. When an OS like Linux breaks as often as Windows 95, I’m going to critisize it. I know that a lot of other Linux users can’t take that, but that’s their problem.

    Windows has its faults, but there are times where it’s actually *GASP* better than Linux (I know you want to burn me at the stake for saying that). Notice I said “times where it’s better” and not that it’s better overall.

    If Linux users can’t take criticism objectively and call people “retards” who offer a different opinion, then Linux IS doomed to remain on the fringes of computing. Insulting people isn’t a great way to promote something.

  • Yuvi says:

    @kuri: Quite true. When I wrote a blog post about how ubuntu’s install screwed up my system(No need to post about the “7 minutes on the forum and you’d solve it” response please), all I got was a couple of rude comments from Linuxers. Bad, Bad linux….

    On the other hand, I was having trouble setting up IIS, and you know what happened? A PM from MS directly emailed me and hooked me up with a dev in the IIS team who tried to solve my problem. Need any more reasons why I wanna work at MS?

  • Yuvi says:

    P.S. .NET 3.5 adds support for arbitary size integers, so you could do that calculation. Also, IronPython includes support for it, so you could fire up the IP console now and do the calc… Maybe, just thought I’ll put it here…. 😉

  • Sudar,

    In more ways than one, Linux (Unix OS) is powerful to Windows. Windows is best in UI but when it comes to the following factors, Unix OSes scale up supreme:

    (*) Scalability
    (*) Resilence to hacker attacks
    (*) Processing Powers (Horsepower)
    (*) Performance/Throughput.

    The tradeoff that Windows does is to focus on GUI which drains most of its power. Thatz where the catch lies latently.

  • Webdesign says:

    Windows (especially Vista) drains a lot of your PC’s power, while Linux can do the same with less draining.

  • Yuvi says:

    Found this post after a long time…

    Just wondering after reading the comments…

    Was this slashdotted? 😉

  • Sudar says:


    The post was not slashdotted, but got hit in Digg. I waited till the fanboys settled and that’s why you could see that I didn’t get into the mud throwing exercise. 😉

  • chandigarh says:

    I think, I’m late to read this post.
    Amazing thing is – comments are more interesting than post.

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