Help me win the WordPress Plugin competition

As you would have probably known by now, I am participating in the WordPress Plugin competition and have submitted 5 Plugins for it. (Not sure if it is the highest by an individual and also if they have a prize for it 😉 )

The following are the list of Plugins that I have released for the competition, with their description and voting url.

Easy Retweet

Easy ReTweet is a WordPress Plugin, which let’s you add retweet or Tweet this buttons for your WordPress posts, together with the retweet count.

Geo Mark

Geo Mark is a WordPress Plugin which will automatically locate Geo information in your WordPress posts using Yahoo Placemaker and YQL API’s.

Posts By Tag

Posts by Tag WordPress Plugin, provides sidebar widgets which can be used to display posts from a specific set of tags in the sidebar.


Well WP-IRC Plugin can fetch the number of users online in any IRC channel and can be scheduled to auto refresh it every x.minutes.

Tweetbacks Helper

Tweetbacks Helper is a helper Plugin for Tweetbacks Plugin to help it detect more tweets.

So if you have used any of these Plugins and like it, then please do vote for them at the Plugin Competition blog and help me win the competition. 🙂

I am planning to continue develop them and so if you have any feedback/comments or feature requests then do leave a comment in the particular Plugin’s page.

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