Github Ribbon Plugin now supports CSS 3 Ribbons

After releasing my Github Ribbon WordPress Plugin, I found that Jeff Balogh created a pure CSS3 version of the ribbons without using any images.

I took his code and encapsulated it into my Plugin and added an option to choose between the old image type ribbons and the new CSS3 ribbons.

The new CSS3 ribbons are really cool and you can see them in action in my blog. The only caveat is that, they don’t work in IE (but who cares ;))


This is an optional update. If you want to use the cool CSS3 ribbons, then you can download the latest version of the Plugin from the Plugin’s homepage or update it using the Plugin installer.


Please keep the feedback coming and if you want me to add any new features or find a bug, please leave a comment.

Stay updated

I would be posting updates about this Plugin in my blog and in Twitter. If you want to be informed when new version of this Plugin is released, then you can either subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed or follow me in Twitter.

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