Cleared 70-320 – Became MCAD

Hmm, Cleared my 70-320 exam also and attained my MCAD certification.

As I told (in my blog) 70-320 was little difficult for me to prepare. But the exam wasn’t that difficult as I expected. But I had lot of questions from ADO.NET, which really helped me 😉 and I got 968 this time. As usual Microsoft Self-paced kit was very useful for this exam.

So, now the big question, what is next? And the immediate answer is break 😉 I have been continuously writing exams for nearly 4 months now. So planning to take a break for about a week or two and then start with my next exam. And in the mean time I should decide my next exam. I have two options.

  • First one is to go for MCSD (I have only two more to go) or
  • Go for SCJP (Sun Certified Java Professional)

Right now I am not able to decide which one to go for. So people give me your suggestions.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Respect sir,

    You can go for PCMM certification. People with such high merits should get that certification too. After that become a CMMi person. It will be very useful.

  • Anonymous says:

    Go all the way with MCSD.Net. I hope you do your certifications the hard way and not just cheat – as most people in India do !

  • Sunil says:

    Cool! Congrats!

  • Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, it is a very good accomplishment.

    I would recommend that you stay with the Microsoft track until finished. I started with the SCJP and it is a very different exam from the microsoft exams – The MS exams require a minimal knowledge of the details of C# or VB and more about the uses of the various Framework details. The Sun exam is *all about* the fine details of the Java language syntax and API.

    Some further thoughts on the Sun exam – visit when you are ready to begin studying for the test, an excellent resource. Also, after passing any one of the MS MCAD exams (assuming real knowledge and not braindumps) a person could write real Web or desktop applications. After passing the Sun exam a person could pass a high school advanced placement course in programming or write simple command-line programs in Java.

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