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Most of you would have noticed that there are many changes in my blog. Yesterday I got some free time and I used it to make some changes to my blog, which was in my TODO list for long time.

First I changed my Blogger template to Thisaway Blue by Dan Rubin to make it look more colorful. Thanks Dan.

Then I have stated to add Technorati tags to my posts. I am using a greasemonkey userscript for this and is quite handy.

The most important of all, I have added Trackback support to my blog through Haloscan. Improbulus has an excellent article, which explains how to do this.

Again you people could have noticed some new links in my blog, like Bookmark in or Furl link and “Subscribe via email” from Bloglet. Again Improbulus has an article which tells you how to add this in you blog.

If you have a blog in Blogger and want to enhance it, then I strongly recommend you to visit Improbulus blog. She really has lot of hacks for Blogger including multi-lingual support.

The feature which I still miss out in Blogger is the ability to group my blog entries according to their post category. I searched for it but couldn’t get any solution. So let’s hope Blogger implements it soon.

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  • Yuvi Panda says:

    Nice New Design, Bro
    and, greasemonkey Is Different from My Edit and Continue Feature. Mine just displays a Color-Coded Plain-Vanilla HTML View of the Page You are viewing Right Now and allows You to edit and redisplay that. GreaseMonkey Does Much More

    Thankx for Visitin my Blog, bro.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dey Sudaru, nee eppada USA poi kaasu pakka porey ? Sidela “Vellakara” kuttingleoda “Jalsa” pannalamille !

  • Improbulus says:

    Hi there, sorry for the delay, but a belated thank you for the mention and the link, glad it was of help!

  • ram says:

    do u do this blog in it is possible for u
    it looks really cool

  • ram says:

    hi this is cool website
    please look at my website and can you suggest some changing for my blog plz take it serious

  • ram says:

    how to have a copyright for my blog

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Ram,

    I wrote this blog entry, when I was hosted in blogger some years back. But now I am not hosted with Blogger any more and I am using WordPress on my own server.

    You can add the copyright message by editing you footer. Let me know if you need any more information and I can help you with it.


  • ceweklover says:

    Mr. Sudarmuthu,
    Are you joking or what? Your blog looks like a plain jane! There is absolutely nothing creative that I can tell from the contents of your blog.
    You said: “First I changed my Blogger template to Thisaway Blue by Dan Rubin to make it look more colorful.”
    I say: Rubbing my eyes…..where’s the colorful?
    Just my honest appraisal.

  • Sudar says:


    You said: (Trying to be smart… Rubbing your eyes..)
    I say: Well, you could have seen the colors if you were here a bit early.
    I say: This post was written some 3 years ago and I have changed my blog design at least 3-4 times after I have written that post.

    By the way, I really liked your way of writing, but would have really appreciated if you were here a bit early 🙂

    Just my honest appraisal. 🙂

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