Blog redesign

I am currently trying out a fully homegrown theme for my blog together will lot of custom PHP code for extending WordPress.

So during this period some pages may appear funny or broken. Kindly bear with me and do let me know how you feel about the new design.

I am planning to release this theme for public download. But before that I need to do lot of optimization and give the final touch. So guys stay tuned.

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  • Piggy says:

    Ooooh! Nice!

    Any ideas when you might be releasing it? I’d love to try this one out.

    Very nice, clean and easy to look at.

    Excellent work!

  • Sudar says:


    Nice to know that you are interested in this new design.

    I will try and release the theme as soon as possible. Actually I have to Optimize the CSS files bit and also remove the custome code that I have inserted.

    Will surely keep you informed.


  • Sadish says:

    Why there is no mention that Mozilla Firefox site is your base for developing this theme !???

  • Sudar says:


    I wrote this post just to let people know that my blog might look a little cheeky since I was testing the new theme.

    Ya, as you have pointed out, this theme is based on SpreadFirefox.comรข??s theme and is in fact a port of the Spread Firefox durpal theme to WordPress.

    I thought of giving more details about the theme, when I actually make it available for download but you overtook me ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Aswin Anand says:

    Nice theme man ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Aswin,

    Nice to know that you like the theme. Actually still there are lot of rough edges which I need to rectify.

  • Yuvi says:

    Woa, that rocks, and I was just thinking why was it so familiar, until I realized about Firefox…. I should’ve known, because one of the Prototypes of our School Website had just these tabs, inspired after the home page of the default installation:D

    Anyway, I can just stop and gawk in awe at the great God of Web Designing and all things computers:)

  • Yuvi says:

    Ah, and the main point being: The Design rocks:)

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Yuvi,

    Nice to know that you like the design. The design still has lot of rough edges and I have to fix them.


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