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Custom themes for PuTTY

This post has sat in my draft folder for more than 5 years. I was doing some cleaning and found that I didn’t publish this post and since it is still relevant I thought of pushing the publish button.

Being a web developer, most of the time I would be staring at PuTTY. I got sick of the default bright colours of PuTTY and was searching for ways to customize the display of my PuTTY window.

After some research, I found pre-packaged custom themes for PuTTY created by Ilya Grigorik. These themes are available as .reg files. You can directly download and use them or if you want, you can further customize them for your needs.

Below is the screenshot of the different themes that are available.


Wow! now my eyes have something pleasant to stare at, most of the times 😉

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Bright Light, a free WordPress theme

After promising a couple of times, I have finally found time to clean up the files and release the theme which I am using for my blog.

Right now I have uploaded the theme to my github page and you can find more information about using it from the theme’s homepage.

I have to clean up the files a bit more before I could upload them to the WordPress official theme directory. Till then you may have to download it from the theme’s homepage.


The following are the some of the features of the theme

  • Two columns
  • Fluid width
  • Custom top navigation
  • Built-in support for social icons
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Widgetized footer
  • Easy integration with couple of Plugins


The theme is released under GPL. Feel free to use or modify it as long as you can keep the link back to this page in the footer. If you cannot place the link (for instance on internal projects) and would still like to use the theme, then contact me and we can see what can be done.


If you have any comments or if you want to report any bugs, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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Blog redesign

I am currently trying out a fully homegrown theme for my blog together will lot of custom PHP code for extending WordPress.

So during this period some pages may appear funny or broken. Kindly bear with me and do let me know how you feel about the new design.

I am planning to release this theme for public download. But before that I need to do lot of optimization and give the final touch. So guys stay tuned.

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