Another spam email

Here is another interesting funny spam which has escaped Gmail’s spam filters and found it’s way to my inbox.

This one claims to be from eBay and is structured in the same way as an legitimate email. Even I was about to click the Respond button. But then something striked me. All the emails that I have received were only from and not from And so I hovered my mouse over the link and found that it is getting redirected to some other server and not eBay. So as usual I clicked ‘Report Spam’

So the lesson learned. If you need some laugh and have some time to spend, then go to your spam/bulk folder and read those emails. But one word of caution don’t reply to them or click any of those links, they may track you and may find that your email is active.

Happy Spaming….;-)

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  • Bosky says:

    nice … i wonder what they’ll do to ur pagerank though with two consecutive posts on the s word 😛

    Keep CLicking,

    PS: check out kping ,interesting !

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Bhasker,

    Hmm.. Good question. Let me check their reaction bcoz of my S word posts. BTW it is already oscillating between 3 and 7 for the past couple of months. (But who cares after all this is just my blogâ?¦. Hey Google are you listening to this??? )

    Just checked out your blog looks interesting and all the best for your startup man..

  • Fred says:

    Back after long. Sudar, how about more updates of the old type ?

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