Added support for rooms in Post to FriendFeed

I have updated my Post to FriendFeed WordPress Plugin to add support for rooms. Now you can choose, in which room the post should be posted.


Here is the screenshot of the new feature.



Please note that this Plugin now requires my FriendFeed API Core Plugin to be installed to work. You can download my FriendFeed API Core Plugin from my Plugins page.


If you have any comments or if you want to report any bugs, please leave a comment below or contact me.


Thanks to the Rob, Ken and to all others who commented in this FriendFeed discussion. It’s only your comments which made me to dust off the code and update it. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the plug-ins this should help with some of my cross posting – I love Friend Feed and prefer to send everything there first and them out from there… ie. Twitter and FaceBook.
    Thanks – I will be plugging it in shortly.

  • Roybott says:

    I couldn’t get this plugin to work, there was no error messages or anything that I could see it just didn’t post anything to FriendFeed!

    I installed and activated the FF API plugin, then installed and activated this one, then went to the options area and entered my FF Name and API key and saved it.

    Was there anything else I needed to do?

    (I have just upgraded to WordPress 2.8 so it could be a compatibility issue with that?)

    • Sudar says:


      I have not tested the Plugin in WordPress 2.8 yet and I guess it should be the problem. I will look into it and will let you know once it is fixed.

      Meanwhile, what version of PHP are you using and are you in windows or unix?

  • Roybott says:


    PHP Version: 5.2.6
    System: Windows NT IIS6102 5.2 build 3790

  • Skyler Call says:

    Is this compatible with WordPress 2.8.3? According to WordPress it has only been approved for versions 2.5 through 2.7.1.

    • Sudar says:


      It should be compatible, since it doesn’t use any functions which were changed in 2.8+ Anyways I will check it and will bump up the supported version in readme file.

  • Skyler Call says:

    The image from my last blog post wasn’t imported. What did I do wrong?

  • Skyler Call says:

    This is the first post I have submitted since installing your plugins. The post showed up in FriendFeed almost instantly but no photo and no comment was included.

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