Pro Addons for Email Log WordPress Plugin

Email Log is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to log all emails that are sent from WordPress, either by WordPress core or by any installed plugin.

In addition to logging emails, the plugin also provides the following addons that provide additional features.

Resend Email Addon

This addon allows you to resend an email directly from the email logs. The addon allows you to modify the different fields before resending the email.

The cost of the addon is $15 and you can buy it though paypal.

Forward Email Addon

This addon allows you to send a copy of all the emails send from WordPress or plugins, to another email address. The addon allows you to choose whether you want to forward through to, cc or bcc fields. This can be extremely useful when you want to debug by analyzing the emails that are sent from WordPress.

The cost of the addon is $15 and you can buy it though paypal.

More Fields Addon

This addon shows additional fields in the email log page. The following are the additional fields that are added by this addon.

  • From
  • CC
  • BCC
  • Reply To
  • Attachment

The cost of the addon is $15 and you can buy it though paypal.

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  • Melissa says:

    I purchased the more fields add on, but I’m not sure where to go from there. Is there extra files to download? I received no other email other than the paypal receipt.

    • Sudar says:

      You should have got an email from me with the instructions and the addon. Kindly check your email and let me know if you have recieved it. Thanks.

  • Melissa says:

    Received. Apologies 🙂 My email server can be a bit slow sometimes.

  • KTS915 says:

    After purchase, can I use the More Fields Add-on on more than one site, or do I need to purchase an add-on for each site?

    • Sudar says:

      Right now you can use it on any number of sites.

      Eventually I might introduce site license. But if I do it, I will give unlimited site license to all the people who already own an license.

  • KTS915 says:

    I did go ahead and purchase the More Fields add-on.

    But I have a problem. All the fields show up in the back-end but, whenever an email is sent, the CC, BCC, and Reply-To fields always say N/A, even though I know that emails have been sent to CC and BCC (because they were intended to be sent and have been received).

    The From field behaves erratically; sometimes it is completed accurately; on other occasions it too says just N/A.

    What do you suggest?

    • Sudar says:

      Kindly send me a screenshot of the log page.

      Also are you using any other plugins that are related to email like wpmandrill?

      • KTS915 says:

        Screenshot sent by email, together with other information. Thanks for looking into this.

      • seeker2734 says:

        I’m having the same issue with the More Fields add on where the CC and BCC fields just say “N/A” though I know they should contain entries. If you have come up with a solution, could you share? Thanks!

        • Sudar says:

          I am currently working with @KTS915 to fix it.

          Will update this comment once I figure out what is happening.

        • Sudar says:

          @seeker2734 and @KTS915,

          I have found the issue and have fixed it.

          I have also sent the updated addons to both of you through email. Kindly check the new version and let me know if you are still facing this issue.

  • seeker2734 says:

    That seems to have fixed it for me. A few of the entries still have N/A in the From field, but those are consistently the password reset emails that I believe are system generated, so I don’t think that’s an issue with your plugin. All CC and BCC entries now appear correct to me.

    Thanks for the quick fix!

  • KTS915 says:

    Yes, this fix seems to have it working for me now too. Thanks very much!

  • Amelia says:

    I’m interested in the Forward emails feature. Is this active or passive? That is, would I need to manually forward emails or does the system do it automatically?

    • Sudar says:

      Once you install the plugin and addon, you just have to specify the email address to which all emails have to be forwarded. After that my addon will automatically forward all emails that are sent through WordPress to the email address that you have specified.

      • Matt says:

        Hi Sudar,

        I can’t seem to find any option for type in the email address I would like things forwarded to. Where can I find this?

  • matteo says:

    Hi Sudar,

    I’m interested in buying the more field Add on.

    What I need is the email of users who send message through my contact form.

    as you can see from the link

    at bottom of page.

    the field “your email” in the basic version of your plug-in is displayed into the “message” column.

    But I need it in a separate column.

    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Sudar says:

      Hi Matteo,

      I am not able to see your contact form in the above link. Can you check it and send me a different link? Or send me a screenshot so that I can understand your requirement. Thanks.

  • Jim Proctor says:

    I’ve just purchased More Fields Add-On:

    Dec 11, 2014 14:43:58 PST
    Transaction ID: 8KX91441MD189991F

    Does this require that you manually email me install code? I’ve received PayPal confirmation, but not your email yet, and it’s not in spam folder.

    Many thanks,

    Jim P.

  • Rob says:

    In Email log was reported sending e-mails to all subscribers. However nobody did get the email. How come?

    • Sudar says:

      My plugin logs the email as they are sent from WordPress and doesn’t record the delivery status.

      There could be a couple of things that might have went wrong that prevents the email from getting delivered. You can start your debugging by checking your server email configuration first.

  • Jim says:


    I’m very interested in your forwarding add-on, but I’m interested in it if there is some way to forward ONLY the emails sent to me via the Contact form in my blog. I am not interested in forwarding emails that Subscribe2 sends out to my Subscribers notifying them of a new blog entry. I’m also not interested in forwarding emails that Updraft-Backup sends to me after a scheduled backup. All of these show up in my Email log. Is there a way to filter the forwarding of emails that are sent to me Only through my Contact page?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Sudar says:

      Hello Jim,

      It is not possible to do it using my current Forward email addon.

      I can develop a custom addon for you if you are interested.

  • Jim says:

    How much $$$?


  • Harry says:

    Downloaded an hour ago, still haven’t received instructions on how to download the plugin

    • Sudar says:


      Looks like the initial email was not sent to you. I have manually sent a mail to you.

      Let me know if you have not received it.

  • Robert de Leeuw says:

    Hi Sudar,
    I bought an addon, payed by paypal, but never got an email.
    What’s next?
    Kind regards, Robert

  • Mario Testa says:

    i’m waiting for your mail with addon. code 8DX469005F8422420
    Let me know.


  • Agustín says:

    Hi, I’ve just bought the addon but still haven’t received it. You can see my email by this form. Thanx.

  • Agustín says:

    Urgent! I’ve just figured out that I bought the wrong addon. I bought the More Fields Addon but I wanted Resend Email Addon. Could I change it? If not, it’s ok, I made a mistake.

  • Mike Wallick says:

    Just checking in since I haven’t seen an email yet with the file(s) to download.


  • Brad Gaspard says:

    I purchased the pro plugin and have received nothing other than a paypal receipt. How long does it usually take to get the download link for the pro version? I ordered about 10 hours ago.

    • Sudar says:

      Paypal had a delayed notification for this payment and because of which our automatic email failed for this order.

      I manually just triggered the email with the instructions and add-on just now.

      In case you have not received it, then please check the spam folder as well.

  • April says:

    Hi, in the same boat. Got a PayPal receipt but no email from you guys.

    • Sudar says:

      Paypal had a delayed notification for this payment and because of which our automatic email failed for this order.

      I manually just triggered the email with the instructions and add-on just now.

      In case you have not received it, then please check the spam folder as well.

      Apologies for the delay.

  • Steven says:

    Hi, I bought your forward email add-on a few hours ago and still haven’t received an email with it on yet? I’ve checked my junk folder too. thanks 🙂

    • Sudar says:

      Apologies Steven,

      There was some problem with the paypal notification which failed to trigger the add-on email. I just manually triggered it now.

      Kindly let me know if you need any other assistance regarding this purchase.

  • Baris says:

    Hi Sudar,

    I bought the add-on a few hours ago and have not received anything.

    Can you please check?

    Thank you,


    • Sudar says:

      Hello Baris,

      Apologies. For some reason the paypal notification didn’t trigger our ordering system. We are investigating it.

      Meanwhile I have sent the add-on and instructions to you manually. If the mail is not there in your inbox, then please check the spam folder as well.

      Let us know if you are still facing any issues with this order.

  • Tyera Eulberg says:

    In case you are still experiencing the problem with Paypal notifications, can you please go ahead and send me the add-on and instructions for the Resend Email Addon I just ordered? Thank you!

  • Simon Hammerton says:

    Hi there

    Am awaiting your email for paid add-on fields?


  • Simon Hammerton says:

    Transaction ID

    • Sudar says:

      Hello Simon,

      I just checked our records and found that an email has already been sent for the above transaction id. If it is not there in your inbox, then please check the spam folder.

      If you still are not able to find it, then give us an alternate email address to which we can send the add-on.

  • Simon Hammerton says:

    Hi there Sudar

    Nothing received unfortunately.

    Please email to xxxxxx

    Plse then delete this message 🙂


    • Sudar says:

      I sent the add-on to the new email address as well, but your server is rejecting any email that contains a zip file.

      Both the emails have bounced.

      Let me try to upload the add-on to my server and then give you a link.

  • Simon Hammerton says:

    Received thanks

    Would it be feasible for you to capture “bounces” via this plugin?


  • kb says:

    Hi, bought the add-on but nothing is received… My email server does not receive zip files so please send a link. Thanks

    • Sudar says:

      Just checked our records and found that your email was actually bounced back.

      I have sent another email which contains the link from which you can download the addon. Let me know if you still face any issues with it.

  • Rob says:

    Pre-sale question:
    Is there a way of viewing the log on the front-end?

    Great plugin – thank you!

    • Sudar says:

      Hello Rob,

      Right now there is no way to view the logs in the frontend. But the data is there in the db. So you would be able to retrieve and then show them in the frontend if needed.

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