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  • Fat Cow says:

    Hi author, I want translate your plugin to russian language. Please tell me Your email, simply reply me to

  • mike says:


    I read your store that you really liked wordpress. i need some help on a really nice subject..

    I would like to create in wordpress a personal score system, for bowling.

    some details: a logged in subscriber can go to a page where he/she can enter here bowling scores ( normally 4 games ). we are playing 30 weeks a year, so every week he/she can see if he/she is making progress ( average , total etc etc.) but only the user which is logged in can see the scores of there own.

    as you know is there some kind of plugin availible or is this possible to make ( and how ? )

    Many thanks

    • Sudar says:

      You might have to write a custom WordPress Plugin to do it. I think it might be little complex to write. So you have to either learn the WordPress Plugin API or hire some WordPress Plugin developer.

  • Ahmed says:

    Hello sir

    i am new here
    i want to write an app that copy files such as custom fonts and other system files to the system folder after pressing a botton

    i have started making some easy apps beyond the hello world but i need the code( to be written after the listner of a specifide botton) that copy the files from res folder to the system

  • Andy Potanin says:

    Sudar – Please contact me if you’re interested in doing some contractual WordPress work, we’re looking for new developers, and I like your work.

  • Sergio Martins says:

    I have translate your plugin to portuguese of Portugal (pt_PT) language. Please contact me if you wont to include.

  • Jamal says:

    Hi there. Nice work.
    Well, i was wondering if you are available to do custom work for me????
    I have a plugin i want modified. Here is my email: Thanks.

  • Hi! I want to know if this plugin shows trackbacks and pingbacks? because I intalled and in the new post after the pluign installation dond show anyone after post.


  • I mean Easy Retweet

  • Jack Godot says:

    I’ve been using Bulk Delete for a few months.
    I have always had trouble fine tuning what I want to delete to avoid script timeouts and yet get the job done.

    Right now I have over 110,000 posts and I am trying to delete posts older than 4 months and I am having no luck. Nothing is deleting.

    I am doing this by category (I have a general category because the posts are organized with taxonomies) and posts older than 120 days, delete permanently, public posts. I have also tried limiting the number of posts to 500 (as per the advice if there are a lot of posts).

    Any ideas?


    • Sudar says:

      My guess is PHP is running out of memory. Try increasing the amount of memory used by PHP or try decreasing the number of posts to delete at once (like 100)

  • Jack Godot says:

    I have no trouble deleting posts from other categories. Sure the script might time out but with out too much effort I succeed in deleting the posts.

    IMHO, I think the problem is that the posts I want to delete now are in category 1 – the default category. I use custom taxonomies to organize the posts. That’s why I am using the default for the category.

    Can you check this? Perhaps it might be a bug…


    • Sudar says:

      I am not sure if there are any bugs because of it, but I would test by deleting posts from default category to see if I can replicate it.

  • Praveen says:


    I started developing my first yahoo application. i am studying the yahoo application development . When i send to one of my friend

    This is what he said
    When i “allow” the app to connect to, it should run automatically every time i login to or

    Can you help me to solve the above issue?????

  • Sagive SEO says:

    hey sudar.. i have translated your plugin “Post by tag” into Hebrew

    You can download the .po & mo files from here:

    Thanks for that plugin, i love it! 🙂

    Best Regards
    Sagive SEO

  • Brian F says:

    Hi Sudar, I have a question about your plugin and a language that it’s not translated into yet. Please email so I can talk to you about it.

    Brian F

  • Rafa says:

    Hello bluethoot you have any receiver to toggle avenged a pair of relays to open and close car doors from my iphone?

  • David Z says:

    Just uploaded RoloPress Default and Core.
    Wordpress now reads ‘Stylesheets are missing’ but the themes are installed. What good is this? Where are te Stylesheets?

  • Rupesh says:

    Hi sir i am Rupesh from Andhra pradesh……i want to talk to you can i get your emil id…..

  • Rupesh says:

    Hi sir i am Rupesh from Andhra pradesh……i want to talk to you can i get your emil id…..this is my mail id “”

  • Daniel says:

    Does geo mark work? I’m not getting any feedback from it.

  • Peter Bonfield says:

    Am using your Email Log plugin and want to be able to extract some of the email info to perform a calculation that is then displayed on a page – can you help?

  • Tamizzle says:

    Hello Developer,

    Regarding Scheduling in Bulk WP Plugin.

    Can i set the plugin to delete 100/posts per every 15 minutes and make it as a schedule till my posts got deleted.


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