WordPress 2.0.1

WordPress (my favorite blog software) has rolled up important bug fixes into a 2.0.1 release. It seems they have fixed about 114 bugs. You can read the details about these bugs in the milestone page.

If you are looking to upgrade your blog to 2.0.1 then you can refer to the Upgrading WordPress article.

I will be upgrading my blog, probably this weekend when I get some time, meanwhile if any one of you have upgraded then do let me know your experience.

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  • Rajiv Shankar says:


    Do you know any good themes for WordPress 2.0 ? I checked out the ones in their website, but I did not like most of them. I am looking for something very radical, and out of the ordinary. Can you suggest me some themes ?

    Also, I am looking for a “comment on comment” type of a plugin. Is such a plugin available for WordPress ?


  • Sudar says:


    Try out http://webdesignbook.net/themes/

    There are lots of themes and I think you will get the one which you are looking for.

    And what do you mean by “??comment on comments”??

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