Took SCBCD 5.0 yesterday

I took the SCBCD 5.0 beta exam yesterday. Man! It was very tough and I struggled a lot to finish it.

I have worked very little in EJB (as part of my day job) and had only a theoretical knowledge of EJB and the concept behind them. More over there were lot of questions about the new and changed features in EJB 3.0 and I was not prepared well for that. I used the excellent notes by Mikalai for my preparation and also skimmed through Head First EJB but that wasn’t enough :-(. If any of you are planning to take it then make sure that you prepare well before taking up the exam.

It had 180 questions and the time allocated was 300 minutes (5 hours) and since it is a beta exam I have to wait for another 6-8 weeks to get my score card. There were also a couple of Task oriented questions in addition to the usual objective type questions.

So is it just me who found this exam to be tough or is there any one else who also felt the same way. If you have taken up the exam then do let me know.

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  • Sivaram says:

    I am going to appear tomorrow.

    How may questions were asked on Enterprise beans/Persistence API and Queries ?

    Is it possible to send me the rough breakup of questions ( number) objective wise ?


  • Beni says:

    Hi da,
    If you are finding it difficult, then cant imagine my condition. You will anyway get good marks.

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Sivaram,
    Totally there were 180 questions and almost 50-60 questions were from Enterprise beans/Persistence API and around 15-20 about queries alone.

    Overall there were a lot of questions 30-40 regarding the new changes which were being made I EJB 3.0

    Hope this of some help to you and all the best with the exam.


  • Sudar says:

    Hi Beni,

    Thanks for the wishes and all the best for your exam.

    BTW when are you taking up the exam?


  • Frederik says:

    Hi Sudar,

    Good to see you took the exam. I hope your results turn out pretty well and may you succeed.

    Unfortunately, the Prometric site doesn’t list the beta exam in Belgium. However, I’ll be taking the exam once it’s final (sometime in March (?) I read on Javaranch). Thanks for your recommendations!


    Thanks for your recommend

  • Sivaram says:

    Dear Friends

    I have appeared for the SCBCD Beta exam on 15th Dec

    Initially there were few survey questions (around 11)

    Exam related :

    There are 180 questions. Time : 5 hours

    Please concentrate on

    Persistence, Entity Beans, Query Language,Transactions (50% of Questions)
    Session bean (15%)
    Message driven Bean (15%)
    Security (6%)

    Please have good understanding on basic concepts. Concentrate more on Entity Beans/Peristance, Query Language and Transactions

    We need to have lot of Patience to sit for long time for answering 180 Questions.

    Thanks to SUN for giving me this opportunity to write beta and

    Thanks to sudar to providing me platform to share the experience

    Wish you all the Best

  • Sudar says:

    @ Frederik,

    Even I read some where that the exam is going live some time in March next year. All the best.

    @ Sivaram,

    Thanks for the split up and all the best for your results.



  • Mahantesh says:

    Hello Sundar,
    Do you get to know if you pass or fail only after 6-8 weeks in beta exam?

  • Sudar says:


    Yes you will get your results only after 6-8 weeks because it is a beta exam.


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