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Took SCBCD 5.0 yesterday

I took the SCBCD 5.0 beta exam yesterday. Man! It was very tough and I struggled a lot to finish it.

I have worked very little in EJB (as part of my day job) and had only a theoretical knowledge of EJB and the concept behind them. More over there were lot of questions about the new and changed features in EJB 3.0 and I was not prepared well for that. I used the excellent notes by Mikalai for my preparation and also skimmed through Head First EJB but that wasn’t enough :-(. If any of you are planning to take it then make sure that you prepare well before taking up the exam.

It had 180 questions and the time allocated was 300 minutes (5 hours) and since it is a beta exam I have to wait for another 6-8 weeks to get my score card. There were also a couple of Task oriented questions in addition to the usual objective type questions.

So is it just me who found this exam to be tough or is there any one else who also felt the same way. If you have taken up the exam then do let me know.

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