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Spawned a new process ;)

Well, I wanted to have the geekiest synonym for “We just had a baby” as the title for this post (similar to my wedding card). Since I am currently typing this from a hospital, sleep-deprived, while constantly sifting my attention between my recovering wife and my new born child, this is the best I came up with 😉

In the last 24 hours, I have experienced extreme cases of all the 8 emotions specified in Robert Plutchik’s theory, but in spite of it this had been the best 24 hours in my entire life so far 🙂

So guys, join me in welcoming our son to this beautiful world. By the way, all credit for the creation of this new process goes to my wife who did all the real work 😉

More details and pics coming soon, after (if) I catch up with some sleep 🙂

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What ever happens, Life has to go on..

Frequent readers of my blog would have noticed that I am not very active these days, especially for the past one month.

Many things have happened in the past one to two weeks which have made me to realize that nothing is permanent in this world and how powerless we are in controlling the things which happen around us. I have read the quote “The only thing that is constant in this world is change” so many times but it is only now that I have experienced and realized the exact meaning of this phase.

I don’t usually write about personal things which happen in my life so those who are close to me (in the physical world) would know what I am talking about. This past week (and the thing which happened) has changed the priorities in my life. The things which appeared to be of high priority have gone down the list and some have left the list all together. It is only when you pass through the phase of immense sadness; you realize the importance of life.
Well, what ever happened is happened and it’s time for me to realize that life has to go on. And I guess I am recovering and will be in a position to overcome it.
What ever happens, Life has to go on…

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