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Google Calendar – CL2

The long waited Google’s version of calendar is out for some beta testing now. It’s been named as CL2. TechCrunch has some exclusive screenshots. Looks really sleek and a lot similar to Gmail. It’s also said that it will be very tightly integrated with GMail (which is expected).

Here is the expert about CL2

CL2 makes it easy – even effortless to keep track of all the events in your life and compare them to what your friends and family have going on in theirs. We’ve designed a calendar that works for you, helping you add events from email, friends, and other public calendars so you don’t have to spend all your time maintaining your schedule. CL2 even helps you discover new events you might be interested in. We think it’s a great tool for managing your daily schedule, keeping track of what everyone in your family is doing, organizing events for a club or team, or creating public events that you can promote to the world.

Lets hope that it is released to public soon. 🙂

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