One more way of adding retweet buttons to posts in WordPress

I have added some more new features to the Easy Retweet Plugin after the recent update.

Support for shortcode

Easy Retweet Plugin now supports shortcodes. Now you can place the retweet button anywhere (and even within) in the post. All you have to do is just to include the following shortcode, where you want the button to be displayed.

[ easy-retweet ]

The above shortcode will be replaced with the retweet button when the post is rendered. Cool hah? 🙂

Adding prefix to the Twitter message

The other new feature is that, now you can specify any text as prefix for the Twitter message. You can add your own twitter username or any other message that you wanted to be prefixed.

The following is the screenshot of the admin UI with this feature.


Apart from this I have also made some performance improvements to the Plugin, which will work behind the scenes.


You can download the latest version of the Plugin from the Plugin’s homepage.


Please keep the feedback coming and if you want me to add any new features or find a bug, please leave a comment. By the way Easy Retweet Plugin was featured in this week’s episode of WordCast. Thank you guys.

Vote for the Plugin

If you have used this Plugin and like it, please vote it at the Plugin Competition Blog to help me win the WordPress Plugin competition.

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