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There was a thread in the WordPress hackers mailing (wp-hackers) list today discussing about the browse happy logo which is displayed in the footer of WordPress admin screens, when a user views the admin pages using Internet Explorer.

There were lot of arguments for and against the removal of this logo, at least for IE7. I found that there was even a ticket created in trac (WordPress public bug reporting database) for removing it, which was closed by Matt as wontfix. I personally felt it was a very minor thing to argue about and I neither agree nor disagree in removing it.

Someone in the thread suggested that we can create a Plugin which could output some CSS to hide the logo, which let me to create a very small (probably useless) Plugin called No Browse Happy Plugin. This is similar to the No Howdy Plugin by Ozh, very useless in my point of view but might matter a lot for someone.

If you look at the source code you could find that it is nothing fancy but just an echo statement which prints the following CSS code in the header.

#bh {
display: none;

In short, I just wasted two minutes to stop someone from wasting hours in arguing about something which is useless (at least in my point of view). 🙂

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  • Milorad says:

    Well, I think it’s excellent. I don’t need to have someone’s activism shoved down my throat on my own website. It’s completely unprofessional to promote a browser, and takes me back to the great netscape wars of 1995.

    So childish, and the mark of a frustrated web designer, nothing else. I’m overjoyed to see it go, not because its particularly problematic, but because stupidity irritates me and frankly I don’t need any help raising my blood pressure.

    Thanks for this. I should have thought of it myself.

  • Sudar says:


    Nice to know that you like my Plugin. 🙂

  • Rob says:


    What’s childish is calling a public service announcement like Browse Happy “activism shoved down your throat”. WordPress isn’t promoting a browser, but rather security on the internet. The problem is that IE (even version 7) does not stand up to this promotion.

    In fact, if you actually READ the Browse Happy “manifesto” you’ll find that it has nothing to do with web standards at all. In other words, it isn’t a frustrated designer problem, it’s a frustrated user problem.

    I think this plugin is excellent, but not because it does anything magnificent, but rather because maybe now that you have a way to hide the possibility that you’re making a foolish decision by sticking with a dangerous browser, you can stop calling the rest of us, who want a better browser experience, stupid.

  • a concerned student says:

    hello, browse happy is blocked at my high school by our network nanny, apparently it talks about “Freeware/shareware”, as a a matter of fact, most open source sites i try to go to are blocked because they are “freeware/shareware” sites, which they not, since shareware, freeware and open source software are all different, anyways, open source is obviously horribly dangerous to us impressionable high school students, we might get some crazy idea in our heads to use free and open source software instead of bowing to gigantic multi-billion dollar corporations and locked software like we’re supposed to.

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