MCP Program takes new path

Microsoft is changing its certification pattern with the release of the next version of Visual Studio. NET and SQL Server. They are introducing a new framework for certification that will pair up a credential with a skill-identifying certification based on a tiered approach consisting of three credentials:

  • Tier 1: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Tier 2: Microsoft Certified IT Professional or Professional Developer
  • Tier 3: Microsoft Certified Architect

Out of which the last exam Microsoft Certified Architect is supposed to be very rigorous, board-level certification. Microsoft released information about this exam somewhere in last April.

The following is the update path for the current exams

MCDBA + 2 exams – Microsoft Certified IT Professional

MCSD + 2 exams – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (Enterprise Application Developer)

MCAD + 1 exam – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (either Windows or Web Developer)

Microsoft is yet to give information regarding MCSE and MCSA. But those people who have already taken the current titles (MCP/MCSE/MCSA/MCDBA/MCAD/MCSD) will still have their certifications intact.

My current plan is to take that one exam for Web Developer and upgrade my MCAD title to Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (Web Developer). But who knows there is lot of time to decide though 😉

So guys share with me how your upgrade path is going to be.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dey Sudaru,adhellam irukkatum, nee eppada USA poi kaasu pakka porey ? Sidela “Vellakara” kuttingleoda “Jalsa” pannalamille !

  • Sudar says:

    OMG Even i started getting comment spam.

    I thought of making my blog as a platform where thoughts can be debated openly and freely and i made it a point not to delete any comment, even if the person deviates from my point of view.

    But how about these kind of spam comments? How should I deal with them ? Should I delete these type of comments?

    I need to find answers for lot of questions, let me decide when I get some free time.

  • KalluMama says:

    Hey Sudar…great blog…any idea how this new certification change will effect people like me who are just starting to work on MCAD ceritification?

    Should I wait? Advice please…thanks!

  • Sudar says:

    Hi Kallumama,

    Thanks for the comments.
    If you are interested in pursing MCAD, then go ahead and finish it. Bcoz it will take some more time till the next versions are released and MCAD will be valid even after these exams are released and there will always be an upgrade path to the new exams from MCAD/MCSD

    All the best.

  • KalluMama says:

    Thanks for your comments Sudar…also what books would you recommend for the MCAD/MCSD? Did not want to invest in something that will not help…and would it make any difference what order you take the exam in?


  • Sudar says:

    For most of my exams I used Microsoft self-paced kits. In my opinion they are good for the exams.

    And you can take up the exams in any order. The order does’nt matter for any Microsoft Certification titles.

    All the best

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