Isaac Asimov Foundation Series reading order

Last week, I asked for recommendations for some SciFi/Fantasy books and the response was enormous. Thanks to everyone who gave me recommendations. After some careful analysis, I finally decided to read Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov.

I was reading the wikipedia article of Foundation Series and then realized that the books were not published in chronological order, which bought the question – In which order should I read the books? In chronological order or published order.

After some research I came to know that Isaac Asimov himself suggested (In the Author’s note at the beginning of Prelude to Foundation) to read the books in chronological order. So I decided to follow his advice 🙂

I am currently reading them in the following order. The year in the bracket is the year of publication.

  • I, Robot (1950)
  • The Caves of Steel (1954)
  • The Naked Sun (1957)
  • The Robots of Dawn (1983)
  • Robots and Empire (1985)
  • The Currents of Space (1952)
  • The Stars, Like Dust (1951)
  • Pebble in the Sky (1950)
  • Prelude to Foundation (1988)
  • Forward the Foundation (1992)
  • Foundation (1951)
  • Foundation and Empire (1952)
  • Second Foundation (1953)
  • Foundation’s Edge (1982)
  • Foundation and Earth (1986)

I have already finished the first two and I am currently reading “The Naked Sun”. So far it’s been really excellent and once again thanks everyone for the recommendation.

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