Integrate Open Flash Chart libraries with your WordPress Plugin

Open Flash Chart is an excellent Flash-based, open source charting component which can be used to create high-quality charts with ease. The advantage of using flash is that you can create professional quality charts with minimum effort, but the only disadvantage is that the user viewing the charts needs to have Adobe Flash Plugin installed in his browser.

It is released under open source and you are free to modify it if you know Flash and Action Script. If you are planning to start, then it has excellent tutorials and a huge array of libraries. Both Akismet stats and WordPress stats Plugin use this for displaying data in charts.

I was playing with Open Flash Chart, sometime ago and decided to use it for my Year End Stats WordPress Plugin. Instead of just including the required files with the Plugin, I separated them out into a separate WordPress Plugin so that it can be shared by other Plugins as well.

You can download the Plugin file from my Plugin page and then upload it to your wp-contents directory.

If you are a WordPress Plugin developer, then you can check my Year End Stats Plugin to find out how to integrate Open Flash Chart in your WordPress Plugin.

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  • Kenneth says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks! Also, I just installed SpamTask which seems to use the same method for showing spam statistics. not sure though, but I think it looks cool. Do you know if it’s the same technique? because then I kinda already know how to do it, after reading this post. 🙂

  • What about the latest version of WordPress ?

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