Google’s New Layout

I fired up Google this morning to search for something and then noticed that there was some change in the Google’s Layout. The different tabs which leads to different services like web, Image, group, news etc was on the left and the Google’s Search box has gone a little bit high.

I immediately checked my colleagues system and the Google’s homepage was displaying as usual. So then only I realized that Google has selected my ip to do some kind of testing to their new UI. So I immediately took a snapshot of it. Here are some of those screen shots.

This is Google’s web search page. Note the position of the different tabs, they are in the left.
Google's New Layout

This is the Google’s Image search page and see the position of tabs. I somehow felt that they are placed in a very awkward manner. (May be someone at Google is using their 20% free time to learn CSS positioning)

Google's New Layout

And for records I was using Firefox on Windows XP while talking these screen shots. Does anyone else noticed this new layout apart from me?

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