Google Search – Combining allinurl with the keyword search

I used to get lot of emails from people asking me to help them with Google search syntax, ever since I dissected Google’s Search syntax and I used to reply them back with the correct search syntax.

Recently I received a mail from a person named Jack and I couldn’t come up with the search syntax for his query. So I am listing it here to get the help from the wisdom of crowd and here is the query.

Find all links that have ‘love‘ in the url (allinurl) AND the word ‘sweet‘ in the content of the page.

Can anyone do this? ❓

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  • Richard says:

    I want to include results for “” but do NOT want to include results that include or, etc.. How do I exclude these results? I have tried using the * wildcard (“-“) and it eliminates ALL desired results that include only.

    See search string: “” -“*” How do I perform this search successfully?

  • Josh says:

    If you just want the word love in the URL but not necessarily sweet you could use inurl:love sweet. Is that what you are asking?

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