Finally MCDBA – Cleared 70-315

Upaaa. 😆 Finally became MCDBA. Cleared my 70-315 exam this Saturday. Any guess for the score, ya it is 1000.

I was slightly thrilled after seeing the score. May be I found the answer to the long lasting question ‘What is the maximum score for a Microsoft exam?‘. I am certain that I got the maximum and the maximum score is 1000 (at least for my exam)

The reason being that in the report card, there are bar graphs which show the percentage for each section of the exam that you have scored and for me all the five bar graphs were showing 100 % (which means that I have scored 100% in the exam) correct?

Speaking about the exam, it wasn’t that difficult as I expected. There were lot of questions from ADO.NET and Web Services. I expected them only in my 70-320 exam ;-). Microsoft self-paced training kit was really helpful. It took me only 1 minute per question to answer. The total time allocated was 150 minutes.

So, what’s next? Have one more exam to become MCAD and 3 more exams to become MCSD. So I am planning to take up 70-320 next and then 70-316 and then 70-300

Self-note – I have allocated 2 weeks time 70-320 and hopefully should complete it with in that time. Planning to used Microsoft Self-paced Kit for this one too.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ya, u fuck, that is becuz u fucken cheated with testking crap, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • MS says:

    It is impossible to get 100% – by design 97% is the maximum for 70-315. I know this!

  • Sudar says:

    Hello MS
    The reason for me saying that I got the maximum is that, all the graph in my report card were showing 100%. (I can also upload the scaned copy of my report card). And if you are certain that the maximum is only 97% then could you be kind enough to direct me to a web page or any other source which has more information about that?

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