Everyday learning’s as a web developer

One of the good (and also bad) things in being a web developer is that you have to constantly keep (un)learning. Every time I learn a new trick (like changing the default editor in Ubuntu or searching Google efficiently) or get struck due to some bug or wired behavior, I used to document it here, so that I can refer to it later and also for that fact that it might be helpful for others who are searching for the same problem in Google.

Recently I found one such wired behavior in WordPress while retrieving the categories of a post. I wrote about it and almost forgot about it till I received a comment from a person called kaigou

Insert OMFG or variant thereof, about twenty times, at two in the morning. I’ve been fighting with WP all day to get it to do what I want, and the WP docs have been useless — maybe it’s just that most folks don’t really get into really doing wacky things like nested loops and whatnot, I suppose. I was about to give up when behold, the power of google dropped your post on my screen and NOW IT WORKS. I feel like a keyboard mash is due, or buying you a virtual drink, or SOMETHING. May have to settle for quietly dancing around the house in glee, given that it is two in the morning when most non-geeky souls are quietly abed. But not me! Must celebrate your awesomeness for helping me finally getting it to work! Thank you!!!

It was really a very nice feeling to know that you can make someone from the other side of the globe dance at 2 in the morning. 🙂

This comment has given me the much needed motivation to document the day-to-day learning’s of being a web developer. So guys, from now on, if I spend more than 5 minutes on fixing something I will document it here. I also strongly urge you guys to do the same thing in your blogs and if you don’t have a blog then you are always welcomed as a guest writer here 😉

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