Embedding Github files in your WordPress posts

Recently while debugging the issue with my WordPress feed, I found out that the Plugin which I was using to display files from my Github Gist was highly unoptimized. As promised, I created a Plugin to do it properly.

While working on this new Plugin, I felt that it would be really nice to embed Github files as well in addition to embedding gist.


My search lead to a Google app engine based solution called Gist-it. I really liked it, but one problem with it was that it was not supporting embedding particular regions of the file. So during the Yahoo HackU last week, I hacked on it and added support for specifying line numbers.

I also updated my WordPress Plugin to support gist-it urls as well.

Download & Usage

You can download the latest version of the Plugin from the Plugin’s home page. The Plugin’s home page also has detailed examples of different ways by which you can embed gist or Github files in your WordPress blog posts or pages.


If you have any comments or if you want to report any bugs, please leave a comment below.

Stay updated

I would be posting updates about this Plugin in my blog and in Twitter. If you want to be informed when new version of this Plugin is released, then you can either subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed or follow me in Twitter.

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