Disable/Enable retweet button for each post

Okay, yet another update to my Easy Retweet Plugin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Configure retweet button for each post

Now you can enable or disable the retweet button for each post or page. When you update to the new version, you will see a new box on the right hand side of the write post/page screen where you can enable or disable the button.

This setting will over ride all the other options which are set in the admin console page.


Easy Retweet WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Removed the hard coded wp-content path

I have also removed the hard coded reference to the wp-content path. This means that the Plugin will work for people who have moved their wp-content to a different folder.

This change involved a hack to make the JavaScript work properly. I will write an article explaining this hack in detail, meanwhile if you canโ€™t wait then check out the source code. It is well documented. ๐Ÿ™‚


You can download the latest version of the Plugin from the Pluginโ€™s homepage.


Please keep the feedback coming and if you want me to add any new features or find a bug, please leave a comment.

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