Creating new pages in WordPress through code

Recently, I had to create a new page automatically in WordPress, when a Plugin was created.

I thought there will be a simple core function like wp_insert_post which I can use. It turned out that create a new page from code is not that easy in WordPress. I ended up creating a new function myself wrapping the call to wp_insert_post.

I thought of posting it here so that I know where to look when I need it again 🙂

So here is the function.

It takes 5 parameters, out of which only one is mandatory.

  • $title – The title of the post (mandatory)
  • $content – The content of the post
  • $parent – The post id of the parent page. If this is the top level page, then pass 0
  • $page_template – The page template to use for this page
  • $menu_order – The menu order field.

While you are at it, you might also want to find out whether the page with that title already exists, before creating a new one.

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