Couple of more options to configure Easy Retweet Plugin

I am getting lot of positive feedback for my Easy Retweet WordPress Plugin and I am really very happy about it. It is really a great feeling to know that the code you wrote is liked by other people.

New Features

Getting back to the Plugin, I have added two more options to it so that you can have fine grain control over how the button it is displayed in your posts. They are

  • You can now customize the text that is displayed in button. This will be particularly useful if you are running a non English WordPress blog.
  • You can now choose whether you want the button to appear in the home page or not.


The following is the screenshot of the admin UI with the new features.



You can download the latest version of the Plugin from the Plugin’s homepage.


Please keep the feedback coming and if you want me to add any new features or find a bug, please leave a comment.

PS: BTW today my blog has got the highest number of visits per day in its entire history of existence for the past 5 years and more than 50% of the traffic was to the Easy Retweet Plugin. 🙂

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