Changing gist-it server

By default the wp-github-gist WordPress Plugin uses my own gist-it server which is hosted on a free Google App engine account. If you expect significant amount of traffic to your blog, then do consider deploying your own gist-it server.

Following are the set of instructions that you have to follow to deploy your own gist-it server.

Getting the source code

The source code for the gist-it server is available in my github account. The current stable code is in the Plugin branch.

You can either download the zip file or use git. If you decide to use git, you have to execute the following commands.

Registering a new Google App engine application

The next step is to create a new app in Google App Engine.

Change the app id in source code

Open the app.yaml file and specify your new application id next to the application tag

Deploy your app

Follow the instructions given by Google to deploy your application. You can also checkout this Youtube video

Change the gist-it server

After you have deployed your own gist-it server, go to the Plugin’s setting page and change the gist-it server url to your own gist-it server

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  • Esha says:

    I want to use your plugin to display content of Github file on my blog post.The plugin configuration is easy.

    But I want to know the role of GIST IT server (your appengine) in this plugin.

  • Felipe says:

    could not make it run 🙁
    wish you had more detail on how to do this and not just reference to external links…

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