Simple Reverse Comments

Simple Reverse Comments is a WordPress Plugin, which can be used to reverse the order in which the comments are shown in a WordPress blog. Normally the comments are displayed in the order of Oldest to newest. But using this Plugin they can be displayed in the order of newest to oldest.

The main advantage of this Plugin when compared with a similar Reverse Order Comments Plugin is that you don’t need to edit any template files.


You can download the Plugin from the official WordPress Plugin directory.


Extract the zip file and drop the reverse-comments.php file in the /wp-content/plugins directory of you WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page. You don’t need to modify any of the theme files.


If you have any comments or if you want to report any bugs, please leave a comment below or contact me.

Used in

Simple Reverse Comments is integrated in the theme RGB 1.1 by Xu Yiyang


Feb 09 2008 – v0.1 – Initial Release

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  • Frank Wes says:

    Wow! What a super plugin. Ans so easy to use.

    Thanks man!

  • Christophe says:

    Hey Sudar,

    Nice and easy plugin that works fine. Go to my site to prove. I’ll soon make a review on it on one of our other site,
    Great work Sudar.


  • Joe says:

    This would be even sweeter if you could do it on a page/post basis. Great job.

  • Aaron says:


    Everything you do is simplified and helpful. Though, I am not computer savvy and am still struggling just a bit. I have created a wordpress blog and simply would like one function on it. I am looking for something that functions just like a fbook wall posting. I have tried your simple reverse comments however I would actually like to provide my users the option to simply go to the site…and just post there own thoughts. At your convienance and if you feel you can respond I would greatly appreciate your info.

    For example I downloaded this widget below but the comments where not reverse.

  • kumar says:

    I tried using this, it works great, thanks !

    One issue though (padon me if I am overlooking something), when there is just one page of comments the reverse works fine….

    But if there are more than one page of comments…example say 100s then the reverse perhaps has some issue ?

    Thanks for you valuable help !

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