My Pet Projects

The following are some of the pet projects which I am involved in.


RoloPress is a WordPress based, open source contact manager, which I am developing with my friend Steve Bruner. The main distinction of RoloPress is that it is an application build on top of WordPress and is not a separate application with is tied up with WordPress.

WordPress Themes and Plugins.

This website is powered by lot of homegrown PHP code for extending WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

You can find the list of WordPress Plugins which I have created in the Plugins page.

WordPress Themes

Bright light is the theme on which my blog is running. I thought of releasing it, so that even others could use it. You can find more details about it from the theme’s homepage.

Google Gadgets

The following are the list of Google Gadgets which I have created so far

Bloglines Notifier

Bloglines Notifier is a Google Gadget which will notify you the count of unread items in your Bloglines account. Read more >> Add to Google

FeedBurner Stats

FeedBurner stats is a Google Gadget which will display the number of subscribers of your FeedBurner feed for the past one week. Read more >>Add to Google

Github Projects

I have also consolidated all the source code which I have released so far to my github page. Check it out for my other projects.

Older Projects

King Ping

King Ping is a web service that enables you to ping, (i.e.) to notify, 18 blog search engines that you have updated your blog/website. King Ping can be used with any web feeds (RSS or Atom). After you ping them, your new content will be indexed in their database on the spot, ready to be read by other readers. If you do not ping them, then your content will not be indexed or only indexed much later.